Porsche Lawyers Up. They Wanna Talk to Me.

Published on February 16, 2016 by

Porsche has sent their henchmen after me for perceived trademark infringement, but is it five years too late? Learn how I created one of the largest Porsche-only events in the country, walked away from it about five years ago, and suddenly received a letter from Porsche attorneys asking me to stop using the domain name I currently have parked.

Porsches2Oxford started in 2005 and as one of the co-chairs of the event, turned into one of the largest Porsche-centric gatherings in the entire country. Eventually hosting more than 500 cars from 25 states and Canada, “P2O” became a branding and marketing windfall for Porsche without ever participating or sponsoring us for the privilege and free national publicity.  We advertised in all the national magazines, appeared in the three-page spread in Porsche Panorama Magazine written by none other than the PCA National President himself, and also appeared on regional television and radio stations as part of our coverage. Through 2010 when I left the event, none of the event organizers ever heard from Porsche or were ever made aware of any infringements Porsche deemed inappropriate — and had we been advised, we would have gladly accommodated their request.

I left the event in 2010 and the event eventually disbanded at its location and moved to another town under a new name. Shortly after Jan. 1, 2016, I received a letter from attorneys representing Porsche claiming domain name infringements that do harm to Porsche’s “good will”, and asked that I remove or hand over the domain.  I’m happy to do so, but you’re almost six years late to the party. The domain name was merely parked and pointing to www.porsche.com and no longer in use over the last 5 years. Had Porsche felt the need to reach out and put a stop to it, doing so while the event was making national headlines seems far more timely and appropriate. Perhaps Porsche recognized all the “good will” upon the part of the event organizers and found it acceptable, only as long as there was free unpaid Porsche publicity — choosing to look the other way.

Regardless, the domain name is now unregistered and free for anyone to re-register.  I have complied with the letter from Porsche’s attorneys and — though I thought I was done with this event almost six years ago — am hoping I do indeed finally have it behind me.

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