Porsche 928 | The Time to Buy this GT Legend is NOW

Published on November 19, 2016 by

The front-engined V8 Porsche 928, built from 1978-1995, is a tremendous used-car value at the moment and prices are advantageous for picking one up before the market values catch up and make them too expensive to buy and own.  With just over 60,000 built worldwide, the 928 represents the first and perhaps most famous true 2+2 GT supercar that combined world-class performance and world-class comfort and styling. The Porsche favorite of 1980s business professionals looking for some more subtle, classy, and low-key, the cars have bottomed out in the used car market but are just now starting to show signs of moving upward.

Listen as I explain the origins of the 928, the basic models, which models I recommend buying, and why I believe the 928 represents great value-for-performance compared to other Porsches and exotics from its time period.  Finally, I’ll cover the last several years of 928 valuations and diagram the foreseeable future as best I can given the inherit speculation of an ever-changing market climate.

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