My Problem with Tesla Motors

Published on July 20, 2017 by

There are a lot of reasons to like Tesla Motors. The performance, the styling, the engineering, the technology. Perhaps you also like the dealer network and “new thinking” approach to automobiles. But there’s a big reason that turns me off to Tesla and other manufacturers like them: the prostitution of tax subsidies to sell products with a marketing advantage pinned on environmental falsehoods, unfair competition practices, and a transfer of wealth from poor to rich.

Tax subsidies help sell Tesla as a green-friendly automobile compared to the gas/diesel powerplants of its rivals. But battery-powered cars have their own environmental shortcomings and asking low-income wager earners to subsidize some of their income to allow high-wage earners to buy expensive luxury automobiles is both unfair practice and a moral hazard.

If shoppers want to buy $100,000 cars, do so with their own money. Don’t ask middle- and lower-income wage earners to help cover the costs with tax rebates and subsidies to encourage you to spend lots of money on a luxury good those providing the financial incentive cannot afford. Other manufacturers deserve fair trade and competition practices and should not be penalized for selling similar vehicles with similar environmental footprints that just happened to be powered by dinosaur tar.

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