Garage Griot’s Did What? | Customer Service Response!

Published on June 18, 2017 by

My 7-year old Griot’s Garage 3-inch random orbital died a couple weeks ago after the motor ceased to work properly. I called the Mothership and sent the unit in for a repair or replacement since the product came with a lifetime warranty on product defects.  A package came in the mail today and Griot’s Garage customer service spotted me a brand new replacement orbital at their expense after honoring their warranty and promise. Hat’s off Griot’s!

It pays to do business with companies that offer long-term warranties and have a track record of keeping their promises on honoring those terms.  Sometimes it might cost a few dollars more to buy the same product, but the assurance and peace of mind knowing you’re covered in case the (expensive and somewhat complicated) machinery fails is usually worth the additional expense.  For those companies with excellent warranties on their products, send them your business to let them know you appreciate their customer service and commitment to quality car care products.  A nice note helps too — but cash is king and they’d rather have your business if given a choice between just one or the other.

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