Boyd’s $800 C1 Corvette: Ep. 2: Paintin’ Doors

Published on March 31, 2018 by

In Episode 2 of Boyd’s $800 C1 Corvette restoration, we re-visit the Boyd Skunkworks to assess progress on the exterior of the vehicle as the first outboard detachable panels of the car get painted in factory Ermine White. Ermine White was an official Chevrolet Corvette color back in 1960 and was one-stage paint process without clearcoat.  The new paint is a PPG product and the paint alone will end up costing almost $1800 after supercharger, hardeners, and other additives are included in the mixture.

The one-stage paint process will not only be period correct but will aid in fixing any future minor paint repairs with isolated restoration work, rather than multi-stage paints with clearcoat that require a larger area to blend the imperfections with the remaining unaffected body panels — especially true with metallic and darker colored clearcoat paints.

The Corvette’s doors, hood, trunk, fuel filler cap, and windshield vents should all be finished in the next 3-4 weeks, leaving just the fiberglass shell left for completion. The shell should take about three weeks from drop-off to pickup.

Boyd also shares his wheel choice moving forward on the C4 Corvette chassis and updates viewers on recent alternator and power steering upgrades to make the car more drivable for long-distance street use.

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