1997 BMW E36 M3 Sedan | Quest for Perfection Ep. 11 | Replacing the Side Skirt Rubber Seal

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In Episode 11 of the Quest for Perfection on the 1997 BMW E36 M3 sedan, we replace the broken/damaged left side skirt rubber seal that runs along the length of the vehicle in between the wheelbase.  The existing seal is missing in certain parts and this project addresses one of the final exterior repairs on the initial project list for the M3.

I remove the underside pins/dows that are hammered into fasteners that lock into the body panels under the car.  Similar fasteners on the rear of the side skirt must be removed to pull the side skirt off. Once all dows/pins/fasteners are removed, you can pull the side skirt off and snap it out of the white fasteners attaching it to the profile side of the car under the front and rear doors. The white fasteners are likely to remain attached to the car.

We replaced all fasteners and grommets and pins/dows as part of this thorough DIY project, and gave special attention to cleaning all surfaces that were caked with dirt and debris from 20 years of use. Finally, we removed the rear tire to gain enough space to hammer the rear dows/pins into place.

Total projects time from start to finish was approximately 5 hours, but this was as thorough and encompassing as this project gets. Others looking to skip steps can probably do it in half the time or less. But we like to do it once and do it right!

E36 M3 Side Skirt Rubber Seal (1): http://bit.ly/2pbHZTy
Grommets (order 15): http://bit.ly/2okbPpF
Fasteners (order 15): http://bit.ly/2pbulQo
Underside pins (order 10): http://bit.ly/2p82Mp7
Rear pins (order 5): http://bit.ly/2prD2qU

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