1997 BMW E36 M3 Sedan | Quest for Perfection Ep. 08 | Interior LED Lighting Upgrade

Published on May 14, 2017 by

In Episode 08 of the Quest for Perfection on the 1997 BMW E36 M3 sedan, we tackle the interior courtesy and map lights and give them a LED upgrade to brighten things up and give the car a more modern nighttime appearance.  There are about a dozen bulbs in the interior, depending on your specific E36 and configuration, with two bulb types — festoon and bayonet style. We replace each bulb one by one as I make a few mistakes along the way and run into a mini fustercluck about 90% of the way to completion. Fortunately, I was able to track the problem down to a bad fuse. Replacing the fuse fixed my inoperable LED interior lights and also correct a OBC taillight failure message for the driver’s taillight bulb.

LED bulbs with CANBUS support will not throw errors to the BMW OBC and are safe to use if you purchase the proper bulbs for your installation.  LED bulbs are much brighter, give off a modern white light as opposed to the older amber light, and run much cooler than OEM bulbs and should never overheat. They also last much longer and may never need replacing as long as you own your BMW.

ECS Tuning E36 M3 Sedan LED Lighting Upgrade Kit: http://bit.ly/2odoDdp

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